Preparing a Seating Chart, no Mediocrity

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September 3, 2015
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Preparing a Seating Chart, no Mediocrity

Over the years, weddings have become more specialized, extravagant and sophisticated.  Weddings now focus more on the individuals getting married than merely following traditions.  One can easily say that planning a wedding is a science which follows a series of sequential steps while mastering the art of individualizing the couple’s preferences.  As important as it is to play the balancing act between the art and science of putting a wedding together, one cannot undermine the importance of creating an atmosphere which accentuates the celebration of love.  One of the many ways one can do that is to ensure that your guests are comfortable and seated with the people they would be comfortable with.  This is where the seating charts come!

I know, who wants to think about seating charts when you have so much going on. However, not planning ahead of time can result in disgruntled guests not happy with their table partners which will totally undermine all the hard work you have put in ensuring that your guests are endeared, entertained, comfortable and impressed.

While it is extremely important to ensure that you have a seating plan designed to make all your guests happy or simply satisfied, one cannot achieve this monumental task without starting early.

The following tips will definitely ensure that you’re on the right track:

  1. Prepare a master list of guests invited and keep it ready in a separate folder labelled seating charts
  2. Appoint one person to oversee and take ownership of the seating plan. It could be you, your partner or any third person
  3. Start checking people off as soon as you receive the RSVPs as attending or not attending. Have a separate column on your master list for the number of guests attending next to the guest list.
  4. Have a meeting with your partner and start placing people in their table. This should start at least a month before the wedding date
  5. The person in charge of this task should keep updating the list of guests attending and place them in appropriate tables to the best of his/her knowledge and ability. If you’ve appointed a third person to do it, ensure he/she has access to the RSVPs in order for the list to be updated as the RSVPs come in
  6. Have a meeting with your partner to go over the list and the seating plan. You can make revisions to the seating if need be at least two weeks before the wedding
  7. Have a final meeting either in person or over email to ensure that your guest list is finalized and that the guests would be seated with people of their preference. This should be done at least a week before the wedding
  8. Finally, the person in charge of the list should have a final check and go through four days before the wedding to ensure all guests are taken into consideration and all is in order
  9. The list goes for printing and final display arrangements

Of course, the above are just general guidelines that can assist you in putting together your seating plans.  Many prefer to sit with families while others prefer to integrate family with friends and so on and so forth.  Whatever your preference, the idea is to start thinking and devising the seating plan as early as possible. Start thinking about it and putting it on paper as soon as possible.   Once you do that, you will come up with great ideas to do it efficiently while ensuring that your guests not only have a great wedding to attend but amazing company with whom to celebrate your big day.

The following are some of the suggestions on automating your seating chart:

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