Top Wedding Themes To Choose From!!

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March 23, 2016
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Top Wedding Themes To Choose From!!

Let us set the stage for an intense romantic ceremony highlighted with stunning floral canopy overhead. To complete the look, all you need is a welcome carpet accentuated with scattered rose petals and flashing candles. Isn’t it all so dreamy? Well this is just a basic setting that we offer for wedding, for more versatile packages, read on.

Rustic Theme

When it comes to setting an environment that is one of its kinds, nothing could suit you better than a rustic theme. High on style and design, one of the most hyped themes of the year seems to be inspired by ranches and leather accents. Such a party theme manages to deliver a relaxed vibe. The details used for the occasion includes antler motifs, lounges with cowhide rugs and wildflower bouquets. The best way out is to mix the leather elements with little contrasting elements that add soft and romantic touch to the décor.

Vintage Wedding Theme

When it comes to vintage setting all that crosses our mind is class and period elements combined together for delivering a spectacular experience. With use of fresh flavors of Tuscany, you can add the much needed elegance of the bygone era. When going through the vintage route, you can accentuate the venue while using meticulous detailing through laces. What else could be done is making use of unusually-shaped chandeliers hanging from a faux canopy created using trellis and billowy fabric. Make use of wooden chairs accentuated with fabric floral detailing.

Unexpected Wedding Venues

What could be better than choosing something out-of-the-box as your wedding venue. More and more couples are these days looking for unexpected spots for their wedding venue. The best options would be castles, private estates, museums and caves. The best thing about choosing a unique venue is that you do not have to go overboard when it comes to décor.

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